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Friday, April 20th


Win An Awesome ExerSaucer

The premium Jump & Learn Jam Session ExerSaucer ($149) from Evenflo encourages jump and spin actions that strengthen neck and back muscles in babies. Want it? Sign Up Here


Onesie Wonders

Fun, playful, quirky, colorful--aren't onesies amazing? For 15 of our favorites... Click Here

Mom's Night Out

Ultimate Moms' Night Out!

A delightful mix of shopping, playing and learning, The Mommybites Summit on Wednesday night, May 2, is always one of our favorite events of the year for moms. Tickets & Info Here

Destination Maternity

New York Family Partner:
Destination Maternity

Destination Maternity® is the one stop shop for all your pregnancy needs. Find fashions from Motherhood® Maternity and A Pea in the Pod®, plus books, nursing accessories, skincare products and more! For store locations or to shop online, visit Read More

Kristen Haas

Pregnancy Do-Overs

One of our candid bloggers, New Jersey mom Kristen Haas, shares a few things she wishes “I could have told my pregnant self.” Read More

Sandbox Smackdown

Sandbox Smackdown!

Playing in the sandbox can be awesome fun for toddlers, but social and safety challenges await them, too. Here's Some Great Advice

Destination Maternity

Weekend Planner:

The Season Finale of Baby Got Bach and More...Right Here


Best In Class:

• Gymboree Play & Learn

• The Pregnant New Yorker

• Classes In The Park

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