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Friday, August 17th

New Dads Boot Camp

Giveaway: Boot Camp For New Dads

Did you see the profile of the New York City Dads Group in the Times last week? Give your man the gift that keeps on giving: a three-hour boot camp for expectant and new fathers. Jump In!

Debra Flashenberg

What’s An Amniotomy?

Also known as an AROM, this is a procedure done to artificially rupture the membranes or “break the water” in labor. There are serious pros and cons. Deb Flashenberg, of Prenatal Yoga, explains. More Here

Convertible Crib

A Secret Recipe From Magnolia Bakery!

Magnolia’s bestseller is the Vanilla Buttercream Cupcake (i.e. vanilla on vanilla). Here’s the actual recipe, plus great tips for family cupcake fun. Yummy!


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Share Your Passion!

Britax and BOB are brands that caregivers love and tell their friends about. Here's an opportunity to do this as part of the Britax/BOB team! Click To Apply

Twin Questions

Silly Twin Questions

“I see you have a boy and a girl. Are they identical?” Twiniversity's Natalie Diaz shares this and other funny, stupid, and sometimes painful questions that people ask parents of twins. Read More

Dora the Explorer

Pop Quiz For Parents

Even if you're at the beginning of your journey as a parent or parent-to-be, you might enjoy our quiz about NYC from a family perspective. Starting With...


Weekend Planner:

Kite Festival In Riverside Park And More Family Fun...

Right Here!


Classes We Love:
Kids At Work!

Discover one of our favorite oases for creativity and joy for infants and toddlers!

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