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Friday, July 13th

How to Rock Your Baby

Giveaway: The Best New Baby Book

For its common sense and calming vibe, we love Erin Bried’s How to Rock Your Baby: And Other Timeless Tips for Modern Moms. We have five copies to give away. Jump In!

Stroller Savvy

Stroller Smarts

What should you think about when buying a stroller? We got the low down from NYC-based baby planner Jamie Grayson (aka The Baby Guy). More Here

Potty Training

Potty Training At One?

It’s done in other cultures (we swear), and it has big eco-friendly dividends. How exactly does this work? Read More

Table For Two

New York Family Partner:
Table For Two

Table For Two is a must-have product for all parents of twins! "Life is better when twins dine together!" Read more about the features and benefits at

Non-Toxic Nail Polish

Nail Polish For Moms-To-Be

The contents of some nail polishes have been linked to birth defects. Better to enjoy your pampering time with one of these five pregnancy-safe polishes. More Here

Jessica Shyba

The Silent Tsunami

In a most poignant essay, local mom and blogger Jessica Shyba shares the overwhelming feeling of trying to prepare for a new child while also trying to be there for her two others. More Here

Table For Two

Weekend Planner:

Mow-Down Hoedown at Wave Hill and other great events for families.

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Classes We Love: Kids In Sports!

The beloved program makes sports fun for even babies and toddlers.

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